Rachel Aziani is Bangin’ Hot in Tight Pants and White Jacket

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rachel Aziani is ready to go out on the town and have some sexy fun and she is in one fine and slutty mood tonight. Even with her clothes on, she has a “fuck me” look on her face and her huge breasts are threatening to burst out of her shirt. But it isn’t long before she can’t resist the urge to drop trou and show you that she’s not wearing any panties, her bare pussy peaking out from under her hot ass.

Soon she’s on the floor, letting you know she’d really like you to join her for a fuck, right there in the restaurant lobby! The other patrons won’t care. Hell, you might make money selling tickets. She takes her pants completely off, spreads her legs to entice you further, and when she sees that you are full and throbbing and ready for a good old fashioned restaurant-doggy-style bang, she gets into position!

Can you fuck under pressure?

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Rachel Aziani Shows Off Her Hot Milf Body

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sexy hot blonde Rachel Aziani is in the mood to show off her body for you. She lifts her skirt so you can see the new sheer g-string she is so proud of. She loves that the material is so thin that she can stroke her clit through it, enjoying the sensation. She also likes that when you look closely, you can see every detail of her pretty little pussy, topped by a nice flower and accented with little beads.

It gets her so hot just knowing that you are looking at her that she releases her full breasts and strokes them, getting the nipples nice and stiff until they are very sensitive. She lays back so you can enjoy the view of her naked breasts and sexy panties before moving the panties aside so she can give you an unencumbered view of her hot twat.

Don’t you wish you could reach through the picture and take a lick?

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Rachel Aziani Looks Hot in Pink and White

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Always one who’s dressed to the nines, Rachel Aziani knows she looks good. Doesn’t matter where she’s going, she always insists on wearing the finest clothes. Looking her best is something she treasures about herself. She also knows that it’s much more fun to strip out of an entire sexy outfit rather than some frumpy shit.

This big titted blonde gets excited by picking up a guy at hot club and bringing him back to her place. She gets to have him sit back and enjoy the striptease she does. Layer by layer, she sheds those clothes, making him excited by the anticipation. First thing she shows are those huge fake tits of hers. Those babies are her pride and joy. Imagine what those mammoth suckers look like bouncing up and down as she’s fucking!

Rachel gives her skirt a tug, letting it rise higher so you can see that there are no panties underneath. The only thing you find is that well manicured little cunt of hers. She’s already turned on and starts to pleasure herself. That big clit of hers getting all the action. She throws her head back in ecstasy. Looks like we might just get to see this siren cum!

Check out Rachel Aziani as she strips down

Rachel Aziani Strips Outta Snake Print Jumper

Friday, January 29, 2016

Rachel Aziani knows that she looks damn fine, that’s why she’s more than happy to go and bare it all for onlookers. This mature blonde honey only has on this snake skin print jumpsuit so it doesn’t take much for her to get nude. With one good tug the top is left around her waist and those mammoth melons stand at attention for you. With 34DD’s there’s no missing these tits!

Another couple good tugs and like a snake shedding it’s skin, the seductress is naked before you. Just look at that bald pink pussy she shows to you. She’s not just here to give you a quick glimpse and go. Oh no no. She’s brought along her favorite glass dildo and is about to get freaky for your enjoyment.

Check out Rachel Aziani as she bares her tits

Rachel Aziani’s Gold Dress Striptease

Monday, January 25, 2016

Rachel Aziani wears this tight little gold dress and matching heels, all ready for a night out on the town. She’s more interested in the nightcap afterwards though!

Her date is going to be mighty happy with what comes later, but first Rachel gives him a show before they leave. Pulling up her dress she shows off her manicured pussy. She’s going out with no panties in case he wants to try anything on the ride over. Or perhaps she should just rub one out right there, let him watch as she pleases that pussy.

With her huge fake tits out, she’s sure to leave nothing up to mystery. She’s one that’s highly sexual and take charge and this man of hers better be ready for it at the end of the night!

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Rachel Aziani is Corseted Poolhall Hussy

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It’s nice to have your friends over for a few games of pool, but Rachel Aziani is the kind of babe you send your friends home for. When her man put down the cue, she brought out the big guns – those monster tits of hers. Who wouldn’t be distracted if she came out looking like this – an incredibly hot milf with her body bound in a black leather corset. The way it pushes her tits up and together is fucking out – they look like they’re going to spill out of her top.

That’s not all you get though – no no no. This babe is hornier than ever and wants to show you what you’re missing Her black thong panties slide down her legs and to the floor. That well manicured cunt is pink, wet, and already looks ready for a fucking. When she’s nude and bent over the table, you don’t wanna leave this hottie waiting!

Check out Rachel Aziani as she shows her tits

Rachel Aziani Rides Again

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rachel Aziani loves to show off the gifts that her fans send to her and this video has her dressed in the sexy body stocking one lucky guy sent to her with the hopes of watching her in action wearing it.

Not only does Rachel fulfill the fantasy, but she cranks it up a notch by including the Sybian. That’s right, she mount to ride the motorized cock yet again! Orgasms are aplenty!

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Rachel Aziani in her 40s and Smoking Hot

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rachel Aziani is proud to be a mature sex symbol. Her 40s haven’t slowed her down a bit and she loves getting off more now than ever before.

This video has Rachel showing off her skills of solo pleasure as well the pussy hair that many fans put in requests for.

She wears thigh high boots and rubs her huge fake boobs while giving that pussy exactly what it needs.

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Rachel Aziani Big Boobs and a Blue Dress

Friday, January 8, 2016

The shade of blue worn by blonde pornstar, Rachel Aziani, for this gallery looks great on her and really compliments her already awesome features. But nothing looks better than Rachel getting naked!

Rachel teases with her tight ass and then flashes her fine pussy. After all that, she brings out the big guns and showcases her super size tits.

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Rachel Aziani Jiggles Her Big Boobs

Monday, January 4, 2016

With a glass dildo in hand, knockout sex cat, Rachel Aziani greets the camera and it is obvious that she has a whole lot of naughty on her mind.

The mega vixen shows her wet pussy and plays with her hard clit as she sucks her toy cock and lets you know how badly she wants to fuck.

Watch as Rachel jiggles her giant boobs and screws herself in multiple positions for you.

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Rachel Aziani Flaunts Her Real Tits Outside

Thursday, December 31, 2015

We love looking at the big tits on Rachel Aziani whether they are her originals or her bought rack. Either way, Rachel always looks great.

This gallery takes us back to before the boob job as Rachel peels down her zebra print dress and lets her lovely pair sway freely while also exposing her spectacular pussy.

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Rachel Aziani Instructs Your Cock

Saturday, December 26, 2015

When it comes to matters of pleasure, skilled seductress, Rachel Aziani, knows exactly what she wants and she knows what you want to.

In this naughty video, the big boobs blonde instructs you on how to stroke your cock and juice out every drop of cum for her.

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Rachel Aziani Enjoys Her Body Outside

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A glass dildo is just the right thing to bring Rachel Aziani some extra pleasure during her day outside in the sun.

The busty blonde licks her toy and talks dirty to start. She lifts up her zebra print nightie and spreads her thighs to show off her pussy hair and ask for your opinion.

Rachel rubs her wet pussy and then plunges the toy inside for some very pleasurable poolside penetration.

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Rachel Aziani Squeezes in a Work Out

Friday, December 18, 2015

Rachel Aziani has a smoking hot body in her 40s and she keeps in shape with regular workouts that often end in energetic masturbation.

This gallery shows Rachel leaving the weight bench and stripping off her sports bra and gym shorts. She exposes her big firm boobs and her perfectly shaved pussy.

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Rachel Aziani Rubs Her Hairy Pussy

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hot older woman, Rachel Aziani, shaved her pussy and then let the dark hair grow out. In this video, she reveals the titillating result to you as she rubs that pretty pink clit.

Rachel licks her fingers and touches her hot hole while her face expresses ecstasy at the naughty activity.

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